Arctic Blast

I guess everyone’s going to have to tolerate lots of pictures/videos from the SF Bay Trail. The dog’s and my weekday night ride is a 5 min. drive from home and offers 6 to 12 mile loops on gravel.  Five min. a little south gets me untold mileage (mostly gravel), as I

could ride all away around the southern tip of the bay and back north along the east shore. Or connect along 3 river routes that takes one south into San Jose. It’s just too convenient; I get away from the city, and out where there’s wildlife.

So yesterday’s ride is again, yes, on the SF Bay Trail heading southeast towards Alviso. I awoke to a 20˚ drop in the temperature in the morning with lots of clouds. They were predicting rain by Wed.; a storm headed south from Alaska. It looked like winter was finally going to arrive.

As mentioned before, this trail sneaks it’s way behind Moffett Field. There’s  hangers here and I’m told Google is going to take one of the big ones over. This field is also famous for it’s hangers for blimps.

This guy was hanging out in the water and started to walk off as I stopped to take some shots. I now know black legs and a yellow beak equals a great egret.

At our turn around point we took a break to watch the shorebirds. They knew a storm was close. They were all nesting facing the wind, and it was picking up quick. Here’s K checking out the birds.

Looking east you’ll find the little town of Alviso, just on the other side of those buildings. All the land here used to be farming and now has been encroached upon by office buildings and housing.

As we were sitting there the wind continued to increase, and from being a bit sweaty we started to get pretty cold. I had my Buff and pulled it up to cover my ears. If you don’t have a Buff yet, you should check it out. I have two now but the one that’s merino wool is my favorite. It was time to head back.

Here’s my newest video. The Contour is working out great. I’m impressed with the crispness of the video, even with large changes in the lighting. The new RAM attachments also worked well. I took some footage with the camera attached to the seat post and some on the front fork. I used the Contour attachment for handlebar shots.


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