New Year’s Ride

K and I took a great gravel ride New Year’s day and here’s the video I put together from footage of the ride. I’m learning a little bit more each time I work in iMovie. First impressions of iMovie (’08) is that it’s a little cumbersome to work with. I also played a little holding the Contour in my hand, and got some footage below handlebar height both forwards and backwards on the bike. I received new RAM camera attachments from gpscity this last week. They’re really light and I’ll be able to attach the camera to additional places like the fork, seatpost, and chainstays.

This ride is from Mountain View to Alviso on the SF Bay Trail. Not a lot of geographical variety as compared to forests and snow. But it is beautiful. It is away from city life, and there is some wildlife. It’s a section of the Bay Trail which intersects with both the Guadalupe River Trail and Coyote River Trail. The latter I haven’t ridden yet and  it’s up for reconnaissance as are trails at the Coyote Hills Recreation Area. My plan is to put together a gravel loop all around the southern portion of the bay to equal at least a metric century.


6 thoughts on “New Year’s Ride

  1. Looks like an awesome ride,my friend! Wish we had enough gravel around here to loop a metric (or 6 😉 ). Nice vid 🙂

    The DC

      1. You’re certainly tempting me with that awesome scenery! TY for the invite 😀 Oddly enough,I’ve been in your area many times over the years,sometimes even with a bicycle along…I was a long haul trucker before there was a “Disabled” in front of “Cyclist”,I always loved that area of the country 🙂

        The DC

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