It’s Not Spielberg!

I’m pretty excited to have figured out how to get Contour footage into my computer, into iMovie, and compressed properly for upload to Vimeo; where finally I can imbed my wee film here. This was a ride taken last Fri. I learned a whole lot of what didn’t work while attaching the camera to my bike. I’ve since ordered some RAM attachments which I discovered from tscheezy, a cyclist in Alaska who makes incredible biking videos. If you have a chance, definitely check his stuff out.

I hope to get better at this………..


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Spielberg!

  1. Nice video!

    I’m having problems importing .MOV files from my Contour Roam in to iMovie. The only way I can do it, is by converting the .MOV to AVI, which results in a noticeable reduction in quality. I would be grateful if you could tell me how you did it and how you exported to Vimeo. Thanks, Dean.

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