12daysofriding: Six

I did get out for a short ride yesterday. Not for too long; mostly playing with my new Contour Roam.

I spent the morning setting up the camera, figuring out mounts and the Gorilla Pod. Then once out on the trail, you discover how the places you mounted your camera don’t work. I got a good section of video with the camera attached to my helmet and the handlebar, but need to figure better ways for rear shots attached to the bike.

Even more frustrating is the .mov files from the  Contour do not directly import into iMovie. I’ve read a lot about these problems and it may be the’08 version. Unfortunately, you can’t just upgrade without buying a whole set of applications, which I believe aren’t compatible with my operating system (4 yr. old computer). More frustration. So now I’m investigating other video editing apps which may work with my computer. Triple frustrating because the documentation by Apple for iMovie says it’s compatible with H.264; which the Roam is.

I also took a few photos while out on my ride. These turned out really nice I think.

All were taken at the same spot where I turned around and headed a back home.


6 thoughts on “12daysofriding: Six

  1. Thanks for your note. So far I’m impressed with the picture quality (light, clarity) of the little I have. This is for outdoor adventures, so there’ll be a long experimentation time.

  2. Pics look great! I hope you get the editing worked out so you can enjoy your vids more. Wishing you the happiest (and safest) of New Years!

    The DC

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