I’m old fashioned in some ways, but pretty much embrace new technology. I did a huge side job this year which netted some discretionary money. Lots put away for savings. But I did buy myself a present recently.

Garmin Edge 800

Most of you are probably familiar with this unit, and I love it! I’d used the Forerunner 310 for kayak training and racing, but once out of my boat I didn’t like it much on my bikes. I sold it on craigslist this last summer for what I’d paid for it. This gadget lets me use the same microSD cards for both street navigation and my topo maps I use on my GPSMaps 60csx for backpacking. So, good to go for both road and mtb riding (and that epic trip I’m planning). Plus I got a great price on fleabay.

Then to top it off, my mom sent me birthday money and I splurged for this……….

Contour Roam

Thanks Mom. Also a great buy on fleabay; I paid no where near the listed price. The Roam is the newest entry level HD POV. As is, it’s waterproof 1 meter for 1/2 hour. I’ve been getting more into photography (even taking some classes); which has increased my pleasure factor in bike riding. I figured taking video, creating small movies with music would create exponential pleasure.

Hopefully I’ll remember to give a follow-up review after their use. Oh, and someone suggested I change my username to “gadgetgrrl.”


3 thoughts on “Gadgets

  1. Hmmm, I know nothing about video cameras or editing. But I’m starting to think about it. It’d be great to be able to film some of my snowbike rides. Sounds like the Contour Roam could work for me. Not sure it’s in the budget for 2012. Big adventure coming up this summer. I’ll be writing about it on my blog after the New Year.

    1. Hi Doug. The Roam lists for $199. You can find it on Ebay $110-124. I’ve done a little editing, several years back, but now I think my software and computer are maybe too old for this HD stuff. I’ll let you know.

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