12daysofriding: Two

Ok, you’ve probably noticed I’m already 2 days behind. So, maybe I should change the name to 10daysofriding. I seriously underestimated all the things to do in preparation for family, and I really wanted to spend time with my daughter while she was here (movies, hockey game). Now my daughter’s gone, the house is clean, the big meal eaten, and for the next 8 days I can organize and choose the rides I’d like to take.

Today (12/25) I did get a short ride in with the family. Here are a few of us.

Pictured is my singlespeed, which after KE rode, she has decided to buy. I’m so glad it’s going to her. Built and painted by me, with great components. An older aluminum Trek converted about a year ago, with almost all new parts.

Out on my Vaya; I love this bike, but I have been missing the Pugs and plan to take a mtb ride soon. I have kept up with 12daysoffrisbee though.


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