Birthday Festivities

To start, I had a great ride on my birthday which I already posted about. That evening, we went out for Mexican food; one of my favorites. Saturday was reserved for an event we’ve done for the last 3 years, and I’ll talk more about that after some pics.  Here’s where we went…….

This is who we saw………

And this is where we sat.

Can you believe it? Center ice and in the 20th row! I hope you’ve figured it out already; a San Jose Sharks game. This is the third year in a row we’ve gone for my birthday and the 3rd year in a row they’ve lost. Last year we said to make sure we didn’t do this again, but we did. And, we said the same thing again last night. They really played horribly, I’d venture to say they sucked!

I have to say I still enjoyed myself. I’m a true blue (teal) Sharks fan, especially since my daughter played for their junior team for many years. Also, somehow hot dogs always taste better at a sporting event, especially when you wash it down with a good beer. So far I’m thinking to myself it’s been a pretty great birthday!

But wait, there’s more……..I’ve been fiddling with the idea of trying to do some commuting to work by bike, and I came up with this route from work to the BART station (I’m 35 miles house to work).  About 15 miles, two thirds of it along the SF Bay Trail. I don’t get off until 4PM, and as it’s winter out and getting dark by 5PM. A safe plan was to pre-ride this route so I’d wouldn’t get lost in the dark the first time I’d do the commute for real. So, we planned to ride the route today, Sunday morning.

K and I were thinking the birthday jinx was following us from the Sharks as the BART conductor informed us of electrical problems that were going to slow our ride to Oakland. But it ended up working out fine and we exited the Fruitvale station heading for the SF Bay Trail, only a few zig zags on the streets before we hit the dirt. Unfortunately (IMHO), the trail was not dirt but paved most of our route, but it was beautiful. We had incredible weather (a little crisp for the Bay Area; 33˚F at 7AM), sunny and little wind.

Here’s K, and you can see the trail behind her (and yes, a blimp up there too).

We rode around some park areas very near the Oakland Airport and then came upon these guys.

We hit a road block, due to construction, sending us via streets away from the direction we wanted to go. So, it being Sun. and no construction workers, we slid through the concrete barriers and took off. Unfortunately, there was a chain link fence between us and the Bay Trail. We were riding alongside the trail when K saw where the trail turned off to parallel the water’s edge with a gate wired shut. K pronounced she was not turning back which left it up to me to try to untie the wire. Success, just enough space to squeeze the bikes through. We closed the gate after us (shhh, we didn’t put the wire back, hoping the help out the next cyclist), and headed off in the direction we wanted to go, but not until we gave each other a high five!

After about 14 miles we stopped to split a Kind Bar and have some water. We both noted how clean and healthy the wetlands were looking in the area……….

Here’s the SF skyline off in the distance, on the other side of the bay.

All in all, it was a fabulous birthday!


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