Solo Birthday Ride

Yep, today is my birthday. It started with a really bad headache which woke me up in the wee hours of the morning (so I called into work, sick), and proceeded to deteriorate with an overcooked egg and undercooked pancakes at one of the regular restaurants I frequent. You know how they ask you when you pay the bill how your meal was? I decided to tell the truth and they actually credited me the food, but not my coffee. Am I the only one who thinks that odd? I do appreciate the gesture, though.

I decided to take the bull by the horns and go for a ride. After all it was a beautiful day. Monday and Tuesday was fog, and Wed. and Thurs. were incredibly high winds. Today the skies were clear and blue, and as far as I could tell, no wind. I decided to check out a new section of the Bay Trail with the Vaya.

There was a little bit of foot traffic and a couple of bikes too; but most of all, the shore birds dominated.

This guy here was posing for me.

Here’s another………

The ride ended up being all on gravel; started in Mountain View and wound around the backside of Moffett Field, ending in Sunnyvale, not too far from Alviso. I took a wrong turn the first mile.

I backtracked and then found the correct gate with the bay on my left and Moffett Field, my right. Moffett is famous for blimp hangers and the Navy Air Corp which use to have a base here.

Tomorrow I may ride this again and check out how the trail intersects with the Guadalupe River Trail, both of these sections I’m scouting for a possible gravel race that I may develop for the area. So, there appears to be miles and miles of gravel. At least enough for a grinder.


6 thoughts on “Solo Birthday Ride

    1. Don’t know about 7 AM as I did this ride mid-day. I don’t know if they keep this ONE gate open all the time for not. It’s on the Mtn. View side of the trail heading towards Sunnyvale. If so, I can’t imagine there’d be a problem.

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