Mas Vaya


4 thoughts on “Mas Vaya

  1. You’re going to love this bike. I’ve got a Surly Cross-Check set up very similar (bars/gearing) and it’s so comfortable and versatile. I go for a “road” ride and invariably end up sniffing out singletrack along the way. And unlike most “road” bikes when you encounter a staircase you don’t have to get off, you can ride straight down it!

  2. I still debate about selling my Fargo frame and going with a 52cm Vaya. I just don’t want to loose the H2O mounts on the fork that the Fargo has. Seeing how you Vaya built up though make me wonder if I should make the switch.

    1. I originally went back and forth between the Fargo and a Pugsley. That was last year and the Pugs one out. I was going to build a Fargo this year but kept hearing great things about the Vaya. As you can see the Vaya one out. I do love the Fargo though…..Check out posts by Coastkid; he has a method for mounting objects to the fork. I believe it’s in the Fat Bike thread.

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