A Winter’s Meal

Had a hard day of work yesterday. As I finished it began to rain and continued through the night. I could ride…….but I’m feeling more like sitting by a fire with a good book, and a warming drink. Mind you, it’s not that cold, but I did notice a drop of about 10 degrees in the the morning when I leave for work this past week. Winter solstice is still over a month away, but I’m figuring the rains are about to begin.

Today’s the change back to “standard time.” It’ll be getting dark early now. The Vaya build is basically complete. I just have to wrap the handlebars. I’ll get pictures soon. But here, for your enjoyment (and mine later) is a wonderful vegetable curry stew I’ve prepared for our meal tonight. Served over rice after about 4 hrs. of cooking with homemade raita, and a good beer.


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