It’s Not Just Marketing

Two packages in the mail today. I received a chain, derailleur cables, tires, WTB sealant, seat, and pedals. Whoo hoo! Now I can really get moving on my build. I think the only major part I’m missing are the Apex shifters (due Thurs.). Also, since I have the tires mounted on my rims, I can begin adjusting the height of the stem and get the steerer tube cut.

Did you miss the part where I said I had the tires mounted? And they’re holding air. I ordered the new WTB Speed TCS Cross Country wheels which claim to be able to easily mount tubeless tires without an air compressor. Like I said, it’s not just marketing! I seated my first, ever tubeless tire in seconds (and the special sauce is in there too). Here it is…………..

A little bit of beginner’s luck as the second tire took a little more futzing, but as promised, I only used a floor pump. I’ve never used tubeless before and I’m really excited.


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