Bit ‘O Bad Luck

Well, the Vaya build begins, however…………….

I’ve had a little bad luck just trying to install a rear fender on my Dummy. The bolt broke off in the fender mount (it’s still there).  A moment of inattention on my part. I queried those on the mtb forum about the best way to proceed, and I decided to try a LH drill bit. I produced a really good centering hole and tapped the bit in. Got it turning and……….. it broke off. So I guess I’m off to a bike store to see if they can get it out.

Meanwhile I’ve received a ton of components; derailleurs, crankset, BB, handlebar, headset, stem, seatpost, brakes, and today, the wheels.

I had pretty much decided on Stan’s Arch. Then I came across the new TCS products from WTB. I’ve always thought they had quality goods; I really like their saddles and tires. I plan on running tubeless, a first for me. I’m really excited about these wheels and their claim that tires can seat with only a floor pump. I talked with a WTB rep a week or so ago and he confirmed any UST/tubeless ready tire (TNT, 2Bliss, etc.) would work on their wheels and of course, you can run any tire with a tube.

So, tomorrow I’m hoping to get the headset, BB and crank in. Then I can proceed installing all the stuff I mentioned above. That’s if I don’t have a bit ‘o bad luck.


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