Finally, A Bike Ride!

I’m taking a three day respite from all work. Yesterday was recovery. Today I got the Pugs ready for a new outing on the Guadalupe River Trail.

the start

I’m wanting to ride a gravel grinder and build a bike for one. Can you believe it, I can’t find one organized route (like the Dirty Kanza) in California. We have some endurance mtb races and lots of roadie races, but NO gravel. I know there’s gravel out there, but it’s sure hard to find.

Blue Heron

I’ve been looking at the Bay Trail, which circumvents most of the SF Bay. Some of it is gravel; what they call an unimproved trails. Like it’s bad or something, and I hope it stays that way. Then I discovered three river trails, pretty much parallel to each other not far from me. So, today was the first outing on one of them. I didn’t ride to the end of the Guadalupe River Trail, just to where the gravel ended. Up and back was a little over 10 miles. But I’m thinking if I can hook up the gravel sections from each of the 3 trails (assuming the other have gravel), and ride from my house along the Bay Trail (which does have gravel), I might be able to create a pretty good route.


Anyways, it was a pretty nice ride. The river’s pretty low and still in areas. Of course, we haven’t had rain in a few months. But there’s lots of vegetation and riparian wildlife. Kind of strange finding this little strip of “rural,” surrounded by housing and industrial complexes.  I sure do appreciate it though.


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